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Expert Team

We provide better services to you with our qualified and highly skilled team.With every step you take in both the East African and Turkish Market,our team of experts will by you as 44 General company.

Professional consultancy

We provide professional consultancy services in the fields of Trade, Import / Export, Health Tourism and  International Cargo.

Valuable Ideas

Our team of experts who best recognises the fields and who think the best for your company will be besides you with valuable ideas for your investments.

Perfect Timing

We are paying attention to the timing of the services we give as 44 General in the present day where the importance of time increases in every sense.

Budget Friendly

Improving your profit margins by bringing quality service to your budget is one of the most important principles of our company.

Worldwide Service

44 General is the gateway to the world of companies wanting to carry their business internationally. Our professional team who knows the conditions and markets of the countries we serve will analyze the needs of your company and the conditions in the relevant countries and will display the most suitable roadmap for your company.



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    We are a company located in Istanbul and operating on tourism and foreign trade. We export to African countries, especially to eastern African countries (Djibouti, Somalia and Ethiopia). At the same time we provide touristic and health tourism services to the people coming from the region for investment and health.


    44 Medical Services: Hacı Kadın Mh. Katip Çelebi Cd. İMÇ 5. Blok No: 5433 Fatih-İstanbul


    +90 (212) 511 0096